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Friday, February 15, 2013

Good News. Bad News. GOOD NEWS!

Mojo Monkey has been invited to speak at a national convention. We're being asked to talk all about our wonderful success, delightful treats and path from day one to today. We feel really privileged!

Really this is because of you, our excellent customers. All your suggestions, regular visits and how you have been so good about telling your friends and co-workers...(welling up with tears)...has made the difference.

I started this as a small business—my daughters inspired me. I bake each morning excited to provide sweet moments for you in your busy day. I also bake because I'm excited about getting home in the late afternoon to hear about the school day and share a meal and maybe a movie with my daughters.

So I'm very happy that they can come with me to the convention, and we can enjoy this celebration of our success together.

That's the good news.

The bad news (I'm sorry!) is that, because of the convention, we will be closed Tuesday, February 19 and will not be open until our normal Saturday, March 2. Yes, this is ten business days—a gillion donuts and (surprisingly) half-a-gillion donut holes—away from each other. Will you forgive us? We hope so.

Now for the GOOD NEWS:

Starting in March you can have Mojo Monkey Donuts delivered! We've worked out some really sweet deals during a pilot project over the past few months. So stay tuned for more news about delivery and...


We're also working up some new recipes, new combinations and new ways to bring more Mojo Monkey Donuts to you soon!

Thank you all again—We'll see you in March!

Lisa Clark

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“The belle of the ball is Mojo Monkey Donuts, St. Paul’s newest shop. It has everything you’d ever want in a donut shop: crullers as light as air, double-chocolate donuts as intensely chocolaty as devil’s food cake, mocha-crème filled donuts full of lush custard and true mocha depth.”
–Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, food critic and senior editor for Minnesota Monthly
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