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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Buy Your Mother a Donut on Sunday - It's Her Day!

It's time for Momma to have a donut!

Nothing says "I love you mom" like a delicious, creatively-inspired, culinary creation - better known as a Mojo Monkey donut.

To prove this, we will have an incredibly diverse selection of donuts on May 8 for you to select just the right one - or dozen - for your mom.

Diverse you say?  Well, yes.  Let's take a closer look.
Thank your mom for all those years of packing your cold lunches with a PB&J BISMARCK.  For that golfing mom in your life, try the ARNIE PALMER BISMARCK - the classic lemonade and iced tea mix turned into a donut.

Thank Mom for all those fun camping trips and stories around the campfire with a S'MORES BISMARCK or reminisce on those fancy dinners and deserts at the St. Paul Hotel with a CREME BRULEE BISMARCK.

The Red Velvet Donut

**We're bringing back the RED VELVET as it is our most popular donut on Mother's Day! 

Remember when your Mom would have those weak moments and let you dive into some of the best sweets ever like when the ice cream man's bell went don't your street and you got to have a treat - relive that mom moment with an ORANGE CREAMSICLE BISMARK.  If your mom let you eat cookie dough straight from the bowl, then she totally deserves a COOKIE DOUGH BULLSEYE on Sunday.  Not to mention all those Twins games with your Mom when the cotton candy vendor walked by and your mom's hand went up to get his attention.  Enjoy a COTTON CANDY RING to remember those good old days!

Those are just a few of the donuts that may bring back awesome Mom memories.  Others we will have on Sunday include:

  • German chocolate 
  • Chocolate cake - just like mom used to make!
  • Maple cake
  • Powder sugar cake 
  • Vanilla glazed old fashioned
  • Chocolate ganache old fashioned
  • Maple bacon bar - because mom's deserve bacon on Mother's Day!
  • Chocolate ganache raised ring
  • Classic raised ring - for that classic mom out there.
  • Caramel raised ring
  • Mango coconut - we know at least one mom that's getting this one!
  • Bear paw
  • Cinnamon cardamom orange bun  -  It has MOM In the name!
  • Apple fritter
  • Cherry fritter
  • Sprinkle
  • Tres leches
  • Cinnamon cake
  • Chocolate bacon bar - for the mom who deserves bacon AND chocolate!
  • Cherry Almond Bismarck

You can't go wrong this Mother's Day with a stop at Mojo Monkey Donuts.  Place your order ahead of time to guarantee availability. 
(651) 224-0142 There are a lot of mom's around so these donuts will go fast!  We open at 6:30am (while mom is still sleeping!)
“The belle of the ball is Mojo Monkey Donuts, St. Paul’s newest shop. It has everything you’d ever want in a donut shop: crullers as light as air, double-chocolate donuts as intensely chocolaty as devil’s food cake, mocha-crème filled donuts full of lush custard and true mocha depth.”
–Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, food critic and senior editor for Minnesota Monthly
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